Salon Magnetic Tray

Embrace efficiency, organization, and style

Elevate your styling efficiency with our Magnetic Colorist Trays, tailored for both compact spaces and extensive setups. Choose between the small and standard sizes to match your workspace needs, ensuring every tool and accessory is perfectly organized for your creative sessions.

Enhance this organization with the innovative X Holder, a must-have add-on for hair extension professionals. This combination not only streamlines your workflow but also transforms how you manage and access extensions, making every styling session smoother and more efficient.

Elevate Your Styling Toolkit With The Braids & Freckles Magnetic Products
Magnetic X Holder

Magnetic X Holder

For all hair extension kind.

Innovative Design: The Magnetic X Holder is a specialized hair extension holder designed to seamlessly integrate with Braids & Freckles Magnetic Colorist Trays. It simplifies the process of managing hair extensions during styling sessions.

Easy Installation: This holder requires no tools for installation, making it user-friendly and convenient for stylists. It can accommodate up to three X holders on a single tray, enhancing efficiency and workspace organization.

Safety and Dimensions: Equipped with strong magnets for secure attachment, the holder measures 9.8 inches in length and 0.6 inches in height. A caution for handling the strong magnets is advised, with safety instructions accessible via a QR code on the packaging.

Unleash your creative flair with precision and style!

Elevate your salon’s efficiency, organization, and elegance with the Magnetic Tray designed for hair professionals. Enhance your salon journey now!

Small tray 17×17 & Large tray 21×21

Discover the perfect fit for your salon needs with our Braids & Freckles Magnetic Colorist Trays, available in two sizes—standard and small. Elevate your styling experience with options designed to match your space and workflow, ensuring that creativity and convenience go hand in hand.

Magnetic X Holder

Maximize your styling efficiency with our Braids & Freckles Magnetic X Holder, designed specifically for hair extension professionals seeking precision and ease in their creative process. This innovative tool ensures your extensions are organized and accessible, transforming the way you craft stunning looks.

Carbon Black Colorist Board

Braids & Freckles AirTouch Colorist board

The Colorist Board in Carbon Black is a sleek and essential tool for hair professionals, providing a premium surface for precise color application and blending, ensuring every shade is showcased in its full vibrancy.

Colorist Board & Foil Holder

Braids & Freckles Magnetic B Holder Purple

The holder for the Colorist Board & Foil is a salon game-changer, streamlining the coloring process by providing an organized space for both the board and foil. This ensures quick access and efficient handling.

Silicone Cup

Braids & Freckles Silicone Cup Purple

The Heat Resistant Silicone Cup is a must-have for every hair professional. Crafted from high-quality silicone, it is designed to withstand high temperatures, making it perfect for holding hot tools or mixing heat-activated products.

Magnetic D Holder

The Magnetic D Holder in purple or black is a custom-built magnetic accessory designed to securely hold Dyson® blow dryers, supporting a maximum weight of up to 2.4 lbs. It’s an essential addition for professionals aiming for a sleek, organized workspace.

Say goodbye to the days of messy workstations and spilled color products!

With the revolutionary magnetic tray, hair professionals can now enjoy a clutter-free and organized workspace. The magnetic feature ensures that all your essential tools and mixtures are held firmly in place, eliminating the risk of accidental spills. No more wasted products or time spent cleaning up. Embrace a more streamlined and efficient salon experience, where creativity flows without the interruption of messy mishaps. The magnetic tray is a game-changer for stylists who demand precision and cleanliness in their craft.

Clients Feedback

I’m OBSESSED with the @braidsandfreckles Magnetic Colorist Tray. I HAVE to share how much it ROCKS. It was designed with the stylist in mind and just makes complete sense.

Meg Schipani • LA HAIRSTYLIST, IG @shmeggsandbaconn

I LOVE IT! Not one thing slipped off of my tray, and let me tell you…. I’m known for my notorious dropsies. Haha

LIZ HAVEN • HOUSTON, TX hairstylist, IG @lizhaven

Large enough workspace to fit as many bowls as I desire to create rainbow hair magic!

Sydney Lopez 🌈 Rainbow Hair Edu 🌈 Social Stagies, IG @sydneyannlopezhair

I wasn’t living until I got this tray. IM SERIOUS.

Kimberly Ibbotson, IG @kimberlytayhair

I’m obsessed with my upgraded magnetic color tray from @braidsandfreckles

Wesley Palmer, IG @wesdoeshair

Are you ready for the Lamborghini of all color trays?

Shawna lee russell, IG @hairbyshawna_russell

Stop embarrassing me and get @braidsandfreckles tray! This changed my life.


Built in coffee holder ☕️ LOL jk but it does fit so I will be using it as one from now on 😂

MEGAN MORAN , IG @megahairmaniac

Upgraded my salon tray with a new magnetic tray by @braidsandfreckles 👌

Lisa Mathews • Blondes • Educator, IG @hairbylisamathews

You guys, I have my new favorite salon must-have and I’m absolutely obsessed. The @braidsandfreckles magnetic color tray is the ultimate GAME CHANGER!

Katherine <MORGAN> Thomas | Chicagoland Blondes & Editorial Hair, IG @jadebeautyco

Geniune Braids & Freckles Magnetic Colorist Trays & Accessories

The Magnetic Colorist Tray Sets range from the practical Basic set for everyday use, to the feature-rich Ultimate and luxurious Premium sets, culminating in the exclusive Limited Edition set for those seeking unparalleled style and uniqueness.

Basic Colorist Tray Set

Studio Colorist Tray Set

Radical Colorist Tray Set

BADASS Colorist Tray Set

Limited Colorist Tray Set

Ultimate Colorist Tray Set

Premium Colorist Tray Set

Supreme Colorist Tray Set

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